Morris Descendants


Three Generations of Descendants of THOMAS & MARY MORRIS


Generation No. 1

THOMAS MORRIS is believed to have been born about 1770, and to have died about 1843.  He married MARY, who may have been born about 1770.  Unfortunately, as the names Thomas and Mary Morris were so common about that time, we are unable to attach more accurate details of their births and parentage at this stage. 

According to the British Customs Oath Book 1814 - 1832, Thomas Morris was sworn in on 19 February, 1820.  He is recorded as the Surveyor General of Customs in London from 1826 to 1832 and Collector at Bristol from 1833 to 1843.  The London address of Thomas Morris, recorded in 1824 and 1830, was Canonbury Square, Islington. 

A Thomas Morris is recorded to have died at Bristol, England in the September quarter of 1843. (Free BDM's) This may or may not be our Thomas Morris.  However, we do have details of the children of Thomas and Mary. 


Children of Thomas and Mary are: 

  1. THOMAS DARCY MORRIS, b. 21 September 1792, London; d. 13 April 1835, Ahmedabad, India.
  2. MARY ANN MORRIS, b. 1 January 1795, London.
  3. Mary Ann Morris was christened at Old Church, St. Pancras, 23 July 1800 

  4. GEORGE MORRIS, b. 19 February 1798, London.
  5. George Morris was christened at Old Church, St Pancras on 5 April 1798. 

  6. HANNAH AMELIA MORRIS, b. 14 November 1801, Hackney, Middlesex; d. 1873, Brighton, Sussex
  7. JAMES EDWARD GORDON MORRIS, b. 29 February 1804, London; d. 1867, Brighton, Sussex.
  8. ANN ELIZABETH MORRIS, b. 9 November 1806, Middlesex.
  9. ELIZA JEMIMA MORRIS, b. 14 January 1809, St. Pancras, Middlesex; d. 1876, Brighton, Sussex.
  10. WILLIAM JOHN MORRIS, b. 14 January 1809, London; d. 24 June 1870, 7 Oriental Place, Brighton, Sussex.


Generation No. 2

THOMAS DARCY MORRIS was born 21 September 1792 at London, and died 13 April 1835 at Ahmedabad, India.  

Thomas Darcy Morris was baptised at Old Church, St. Pancras on 23 July 1800.  He joined the Bombay Infantry as a Cadet in 1808, was Ensign in 1809, and promoted to Lieutenant on 24 February 1814, serving with the 6th and later the 12th Native Infantry. 

He was commissioned Captain of the 24th Bombay Native Infantry on 1 May 1824, and Major as from 9th June 1833. 

He died of a fever brought on during a campaign against Bhils in Mahee Kaunta, and was buried at Ahmedabad on 13th April 1835. 

An old 'Handbook of India' records that among the monuments in the Protestant Burial Ground at Ahmedabad is one to Major Thomas D'Arcy Morris, of the Bombay Infantry, Author of the "Griffin", the "Aghor", and other poems, especially "Chansons du Chasse", which have a celebrity all over India.  He was also a renowned stag-hunter, and famous for his wit and humour. 

His Soldier's Will dated at Cape of Good Hope on 7th June 1833 provided only for his daughter, Mary May Morris, as follows;  I do hereby bequeath the whole of my property personal and real (together with all such property as may be forthcoming to me) unto my illegitimate daughter Mary May Morris and do appoint Captain John Jopp and Lieut. Charles Hunter and Captain George Washington Gibson my executors. 

His Estate was valued at 11,605 rupees.   

Child of Thomas Morris is: 

  1. MARY MAY MORRIS , b. 25 May 1826, Mhow, India; d. 10 January 1905.


MARY ANN MORRIS was born 1 January 1795 at London, and was baptised at Old Church, St. Pancras 23 July 1800. She married Capt. JOHN MAYNE 10 June 1815, Bombay Presidency. 

GEORGE MORRIS was born 19 February 1798 at London and was baptised at Old Church St. Pancras 5 September1798.  

HANNAH AMELIA MORRIS was born 14 November 1801, Hackney, Middlesex, London and died at Brighton, Sussex, 1873.  She married Capt. WILLIAM SPILLER

Hannah Amelia Morris was baptised at Old Church, St. Pancras on 23 February 1802.

The marriage of Captain William Spiller and Hannah Amelia Morris, at Bombay, on 10 March 1823, was witnessed by John Mayne and Mary Ann Mayne. 

William Spiller was born about 1788 in Cornwall, England.  He joined the Bombay Infantry as a Cadet in 1804, was Ensign in 1805, and was promoted to Lieutenant on 20 August 1807,  Captain on 4 January 1821 and Major on 1 May 1831. 

JAMES EDWARD GORDON MORRIS was born 29 February 1804 at London, and died 1867 at Brighton, Sussex.  He married MARY CUNNINGHAM 21 April 1840 at Bombay, India., daughter of George Cunningham. She was born April 1819, and died 2 September 1850 at Ahmedabad, India.

James Edward Gordon Morris was baptised at Old Church, St Pancras on 4 July 1804. He joined the Bombay Infantry as a Cadet in 1819, was posted to the 12th N.I. as Ensign in 1820, and promoted to Lieutenant on 4 January 1824, Captain on 9 March 1830, Major on 10 November 1843 and Lt. Colonel on 3 July 1848.

His marriage to Mary Cunningham at Bombay on 21 April 1840, took place in the presence of W. Spiller, C. Hunter, Eliza Jemima Jopp, William John Morris and Hannah Amelia Spiller.

He was nominated as an executor in his brother William John's will, where it was recorded that he was a General in H.M. Bombay Army.

Children of James and Mary are:

  1. GEORGE GORDON MORRIS, b. 29 October 1841, Poona, India.
  2. MARION MORRIS, b. 10 December 1842, Poona, India.
  3. WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM MORRIS, b. 11 September 1844.
  4. DAVID ALBERT MORRIS, b. 2 September 1850, Ahmedabad, India.

ANN ELIZABETH MORRIS was born 9 November 1806 in Middlesex. She married CHARLES HUNTER 28 January 1827 in Bombay, India. He was born about 1802 at Hampton Court, Surrey, England.

Ann Morris was baptised at Old Church, St Pancras on 25 February 1807.

A Bond supporting her passage to Bombay was issued on 24 May 1824. Sureties were given by Lieut. Col. Robert Gordon of Montague Square and Thomas Morris of Canonbury Square, Islington.

She and Lieutenant Charles Hunter were married at Bombay in the presence of Wm. Spiller, H .A. Spiller and Wm. Hunter, on 28 January 1827.

Charles Hunter joined the Bombay Infantry as a Cadet in 1821, was Ensign in 1822, promoted to Lieutenant on 12 February 1824 and Captain on 15 August 1835.

On his son Woodburn's 1844 Baptism Certificate, Charles is recorded as Captain 16 Reg. Bombay Native Infantry & 2nd Paymaster TDA.

Charles Hunter was nominated as an executor of Thomas Darcy Morris' estate and also of William John Morris' estate.He was then a Lieut. Colonel in H.M. Bombay Pension List.

The 1881 British Census recorded Charles and Ann Hunter residing at 'Guernerya', Camberwell, Surrey. Their daughter, Charlotte, resided with them.

Children of Ann and Charles are:

  1. CHARLOTTE ANNE HUNTER , b. 27 February 1832, East Indies.
  2. Charlotte was baptised 26 May 1833 at Konkun, India.

  3. CAROLINE EMILY HUNTER , b. about. 1837.
  4. Caroline was baptised at Belgaum, India, in June 1837.

  5. ROBERT WILLIAM HUNTER, b. about 1840.
  6. ARTHUR PAULET HUNTER , b. 11 October 1842, Belgaum, India.
  7. WOODBURN HUNTER , b. 24 May 1844, Belgaum, India.

ELIZA JEMIMA MORRIS was born 14 January 1809 in St. Pancras, Middlesex., and died 1876 in Brighton, Sussex. She married JOHN JOPP 10 December 1831 in Bombay, India. He was born 9 July 1792 in Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies.

Eliza Morris was baptised at Old Church, St Pancras on 11 June 1809.

A Bond was issued on 11 February 1830 supporting her passage to Bombay. Sureties were given by Thomas Morris of Canonbury Square and Timothy H. Davis of Clapham.

On 10 December 1831, Eliza and Captain John Jopp, in the Honorable East India Company's service, were married at Bombay in the presence of T. D. Morris, I. Valiant, C. Hunter, I. S. Grant, Edward Scott, R. W .Brough, A. E. Hunter and A. Louisa Fraser.

John Jopp joined the British East India Company Army as a Cadet in 1810. He was an Ensign in 1811, was promoted to Lieutenant on 17 December 1818, Captain on 1 May 1824 and Major on 26 March 1835. He served with the Engineers.

Captain John Jopp was nominated as an executor of Thomas Darcy Morris' estate.

The 1851 British Census gives the family's residential address as Paternoster Row, Ottery St. Mary, Honiton, Devonshire.

Children of Eliza and John are:

  1. DARCY WILLIAM JOPP, b. 30 December 1833, Poona, India.
  2. He was baptised on 18 July 1834, at Poona

  3. ELIZA AGNES JOPP , b. 10 September 1835, Ahmedabad, India.
  4. Records indicate that the daughter of John and Eliza Jemima Jopp, who was born at Ahmedabad on 10 September 1835, was first baptised as Daisy Agnes Jopp on 10 November 1835, but was re-baptised on 18 December 1836 as Eliza Agnes Jopp. A notation on the record states, "Re-baptised by the lay baptism of November 10 1835 being void."   The first baptism was performed by James Williams, Political Commissioner and resident of Baruda. The second was performed by George Piggott, Chaplain.

    The 1881 British Census records Eliza Jopp at the home of her cousin, Capt. Woodburn Hunter, at Lock Lane, 2 Officers Quarters, Enfield, Middlesex.

    The 1891 Census finds her at 3 Manor Tce., Croydon, Surrey, just a few doors from her sister Janet Hunter, widow of Robert William Hunter.

  5. JOHN JOPP, b. about 1839, Bombay, India.
  6. JANET JOPP, b. 22 February 1842, Fulmer, Buckingham; d. 1903, Croydon, Surrey, England.
  7. HARRIET JOPP, b. about 1844, Ottery St. Mary, Devon.


WILLIAM JOHN MORRIS was born 14 January 1809 at London, and died 24 June 1870 in 7 Oriental Place, Brighton, Sussex. He married GEORGIANA CUNNINGHAM 9 May 1846 in Malligaum, Bombay, India, daughter of George Cunningham. She was born about 1824 in Oxfordshire, England.

William Morris was baptised at Old Church, St Pancras on 11 June 1809 and was educated at Cheam. He joined the Bombay Infantry as a cadet on 9 January 1826. He was posted to the 9th Native Infantry in September that year and to 2nd Bn. in 1828. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 1833, Bt. Captain in 1840, Bt. Major in 1851, Lt. Colonel (Hon) on his retirement in 1858.

Lt. Morris served in the Kandeish Bheel Corps under Capt. James Outram, the Corps' founder. He served as Adjutant and later as Commandant of the Bheel Corps.

On 17 Oct 1852 he was appointed Political assistant to the Collector of Kandeish, without prejudice to his appointment as Bheel Agent and Commandant of the Kandeish Bheel Corps, at an additional monthly salary of Rp.300.

His marriage to Georgiana Cunningham at Malligaum on 9 May 1846 was witnessed by James Edward Gordon Morris & Mary Morris. At the time he was a Captain in the 9th Regt.

On the 29th August 1870, the Will of William John Morris, late of The Grove, Hartfield, in the County of Sussex, a Colonel in Her Majesty's Army, deceased, who died on the 24th day of June 1870 at No 7 Oriental Place, Brighton in the said County was proved in the Principal Registry of Her Majesty's Court of Probate, by the Oath of Georgiana Morris of No. 21 Neville Street in Kensington in the County of Middlesex, Widow, the Relict (during Widowhood or until she forsake the Protestant Established Church of England) one of the surviving Executors named in the said Will. The other surviving Executor was Charles Hunter, who married William's sister Ann Elizabeth. William's Estate was declared at less than 30,000 Pounds.

Children of William and Georgiana are:

  1. WILLIAM GEORGE MORRIS, b. 12 February 1847, Bombay, India.
  2. EMILY GEORGINA MORRIS, b. 8 June 1848, Malligaum, Bombay Presidency, India.
  3. Emily Georgiana was baptised at Christ's Church, Malligaum, Kandeish Province, in September 1848. Her father was then a Captain, 9th Regt. Native Infantry and Bheel Agent.

  4. CHARLES AUGUSTUS MAYNE MORRIS, b. 17 February 1850, Malligaum, Bombay Presidency, India; d. 1923, Sydney, N.S.W.
  5. FANNY AMELIA MORRIS, b. 29 October 1851, Malligaum, Bombay Presidency, India.
  6. Fanny Amelia was baptised at Malligaum on 29 October 1851. At the time, her father, William John Morris, was a Captain in the 9th Regt. Native Infantry.

  7. MARY ANN EDITH MORRIS, b. 11 June 1853, Malligaum, Bombay Presidency, India.
  8. Mary Anne Edith was baptised at Malligaum on 23 July 1853. Her father was then a Brevet Major with the 9th Regt. Native Infantry.

  9. ALICE MARGARET TUDOR MORRIS, b. about 1855.


Generation No. 3.

MARY MAY MORRIS was born 25 May 1826 at Mhow, India, and died 10 January 1905. She married WILLIAM HENRY STANLEY CRAWFORD 21 March 1848 in Alleppie, Madras, India, son of Thomas Crawford. He was born 10 August 1823 at Bombay, India. and died 6 June 1883 in Tellicherry, Madras, India.

Mhow, the place where Mary May Morris was born on 25 May 1826, is about 500 kilometers North West of Bombay, near Indore. Mhow stands for Military Headquarters Of War. It was a purpose built city, established in 1818 for the military headquarters of the H.E.I.C. troops in the area.

Mary was baptised on 6 June 1828 by M.Davies, Chaplain.  Her father's name appears on the Baptism Certificate but not her mother's name. 

W. H. Stanley Crawford and Mary May Morris were married by Senior Missionary, Henry Baker at the Mission Station at Alleppie, Archdeaconry of Madras on 21 March 1848. It appears likely that after her father's death, Mary May Morris was raised by the Missionary Henry Baker and his wife. Witnesses at the wedding of Stanly and Mary were Thomas Crawford, Ann Caroline Crawford, Franklin Crawford, Matthew James Rains and Mary Ann Baker.

Mary died of Bronchitis, at the age of 79 and was buried at Sewri Cemetery, India.

W. H. Stanley Crawford was the son of Ships Captain and Bombay Merchant, Thomas Crawford, who may have been involved in the booming Opium Trade. Stanley appears to have followed in his father's footsteps as a Mariner and Coffee Merchant.

Children of Mary and William are:

  1. CAROLINE ELIZA NEWTON CRAWFORD, b. 8 August 1849, Bombay, India; d. 7 December 1914, Brisbane; m. (1) ALFRED BENJAMIN ANDREWS, 10 January 1867, Kensington, London; b. 1822, Braybourne, Kent; d. 25 January 1880, Brisbane, Queensland; m. (2) EDMUND MACDONNELL, 3 April 1880, Brisbane; b. 6 April 1855, Dublin, Ireland.; d. 2 January 1933, Cairns, Queensland.
  2. WILLIAM MARSHALL HOWE CRAWFORD, b. 4 August 1850, Bombay, India; d. 17 July 1851, Back Bay, India.
  3. ISABELLA ANNIE MARSHALL CRAWFORD, b. 1 June 1852; m. WILLIAM MERRETT , 24 May 1884, St Thomas Cathedral, Bombay.
  4. EMILY MARY FLORENCE BOLTON CRAWFORD, b. 5 April 1866, Holborn St. Andrews, London.

ROBERT WILLIAM HUNTER was born about 1840. He married his cousin, JANET JOPP 15 January 1863 in Hove, Sussex, daughter of John Jopp and Eliza Morris. She was born 22 February 1842 at Fulmer, Buckingham, and died 1903 in Croydon, Surrey, England.

The 1881 Census for Great Britain finds Janet Hunter, Widow, with her son William, apparently visiting at the Enfield, Middlesex home of her brother-in-law, Woodburn Hunter. Her other children, Alice, Elsie, Mary, Hebe and Gwenda were at 3 Seaview Tce, Seaton, Devon, with 17 year old Alice recorded as Head of the Household on the day of the Census.

In the 1901 Census, she is residing at 'Wensley', Manor Rd. Croydon, Surrey, with her daughters Hebe, 28, and Gwenda, 25, and a cook and housemaid. They are living just around the corner from her sister, 65 year old Eliza A. Jopp, who had recently become partially blind. Eliza was living at 3 Manor Tce.. She also had a servant.

Children of Robert and Janet are:

  1. ALICE E. M. HUNTER, b. about 1863, Kaludjer, India.
  2. WILLIAM S. HUNTER, b. about 1865, East Indies.
  3. ELSIE C. HUNTER, b. about 1866, Shalapore, India.
  4. MARY E. F. HUNTER, b. about 1869, Rulnaghorry, India.
  5. HEBE GWERN-ERYN PAULET HUNTER, b. about 1872, Brighton, Sussex
  6. Hebe Hunter was christened at St. Peter, Brighton on 15 December 1872

  7. GWENDA M. K. HUNTER, b. about 1875, Brighton, Sussex.


WOODBURN HUNTER was born 24 May 1844 in Belgaum, India. He married MARION about 1872. She was born about 1842 in East Indies. Woodburn Hunter was baptised at Belgaum, India, on 23 August 1844.

Children of Woodburn and Marion are:

  1. ETHEL M. H. HUNTER, b. about 1873 Brighton, Sussex.
  2. MILDRED C. M. HUNTER, b. about. 1876, Woolwich, Kent.;


JANET JOPP was born 22 February 1842 at Fulmer, Buckingham, and died 1903 at Croydon, Surrey, England. She married her cousin, ROBERT WILLIAM HUNTER 15 January 1863 in Hove, Sussex, son of Charles Hunter and Ann Morris. He was born about 1840.

Children and details are listed above under Robert William Hunter.


WILLIAM GEORGE MORRIS was born 12 February 1847 at Bombay, India. He married EDITH SOPHIA TIREMAN 1871, daughter of William Tireman and Harriet Williams. She was born 1849 at Bowers Gifford, Essex, England.

William George Morris was baptised at St. Thomas Cathedral, Bombay, 22 March 1847. His father was then a Captain in the Bombay Army.

Military Career of William George Morris, CMG, Royal Engineers showing Regimental Rank attained:

  • Lieutenant, 10 July 1867
  • Captain, 9 October 1879
  • Major, 31 December 1886
  • Lieutenant Colonel, 14 July 1893
  • Army Rank, Colonel, 14 July 1897
  • War Service: South Africa, 1899 - 1901(Boer War)

Children of William Edith are:

  1. GUY B. MORRIS, b. about 1874, Brighton, Sussex.
  2. WINIFRED M. MORRIS, b. about 1875, Yorktown, Surrey.
  3. LIONEL TIERMAN MORRIS, b. 6 September 1876, Palace, 53 Montpelier Rd. Brighton, Sussex; d. 21 May 1920, Lee Creek, B.C. Canada; m. IDA MARY MORRIS, 5 March 1899, St. Johns, Darlinghurst Sydney; b. 3 February 1876, Ipswich, Qld; d. 22 November 1973, Salmon Arm, B.C. Canada.
  4. Lionel and Ida Mary Morris were cousins. Lionel Tireman Morris was the second son of Col. W. G. Morris C.M.G., Royal Engineers of Capetown, South Africa. A few years after their marriage they went to live in British Columbia, Canada.

  5. HUGH CUNNINGHAM MORRIS, b. about 1878, Court House, Gillingham, Kent; m. (1) his first wife, whose name and details are unknown, about 1900; m. (2) ANN HARRIET GUHDERSEN, after 1925; b. 23 July 1894, Christiania, Norway; d. 2 February 1990.
  6. From information supplied by Wendi Momen, in 1925 Hugh C. Morris and his first wife resided at 'Moorings', Lordship, Bridgeport, Connecticut. Hugh was working at Bridgeport Telegram, where he met his second wife, Ann Harriet Gunderson.

  7. CHARLES AUGUSTUS MAYNE MORRIS was born 17 February 1850 at Malligaum, Bombay Presidency, India, and died 1923 at Sydney, N.S.W. He married ELIZABETH FULLERTON 5 December 1872 in Sydney, daughter of James Fullerton and Mary Jenkins. She was born 29 April 1849 at Sydney, and died 24 February 1905 at Winton, Qld.

C. A. M. Morris was baptised at Christ's Church, Malligaum, India, on 30 June 1850. His father William John Morris was a Captain in the Honourable East India Company's 9th Regt. Native Infantry. He came out to Australia about 1870, and may have been the Charles Morris who was a cabin passenger on the ship 'Suffolk' which sailed from Plymouth bound for Melbourne in March 1870.

He married Elizabeth Fullerton, daughter of Rev. James and Mary Fullerton, at Sydney in 1872. Rev. James Fullerton was the Minister at the Pitt Street South Church, Sydney. He appears to have had an interest in the Sugar Plantations at Bundall, Nerang River, near Southport and at Gairlock on the Herbert River near Ingham. C.A.M. and Elizabeth resided at both places between 1872 and 1886. The Gairlock Mill was taken over by the CSR in 1888.

In 1886 C. A. M. Morris applied to the Colonial Secretary, Queensland, for appointment as a Police Magistrate or Clerk of Petty Sessions in the Colony. He was appointed as the Police Magistrate at Birdsville in 1887. Further appointments took him to Muttaburra and Aramac in July 1888, Charters Towers in May 1891, Winton in July 1898, which was extended to Hughenden in July 1902, Ipswich in April 1905 and Brisbane in 1912. From 1892 to 1898 he was a Captain in the Queensland Defence Force, the 3rd Queensland (Kennedy) Regiment.

Elizabeth Morris died of Typhoid at Winton in 1905 and is buried there.


Children of Charles and Elizabeth are:

  1. ETHEL GEORGINA MORRIS, b. 1874; d. 7 August 1912, Sydney; m. FREDERICK DANIEL BEHAN MC CULLAGH, March 1904, Townsville; b. 1872, Geelong, Vic.; d. 14 May 1962, Gore Hill, Sydney.
  2. IDA MARY MORRIS, b. 3 February 1876, Ipswich, Qld.; d. 22 November 1973, Salmon Arm, B.C. Canada; m. (1) LIONEL TIREMAN MORRIS, 5 March 1899, St. Johns, Darlinghurst, Sydney; b. 6 September 1876, Palace, 53 Montpelier Rd. Brighton, Sussex.; d. 21 May 1920, Lee Creek, B.C. Canada.; m. (2) JACK GODDARD, after 1920.
  3. Lionel and Ida Mary Morris were cousins. Lionel Tireman Morris was the second son of Col. W. G. Morris C.M.G., Royal Engineers of Capetown, South Africa. A few years after their marriage they went to live in British Columbia, Canada.

  4. JAMES FULLERTON MORRIS, b. 12 July 1877, Ipswich, Qld.; d. 12 September 1953; m. THERESA TAIT; d. 20 February 1957. Theresa was known as Tid Morris.
  5. ALICE MURIEL MORRIS, b. 13 June 1879, Ipswich, Qld.; d. Unknown; m. EDWARD BALGARNIE of “Cooinda”, a sheep station in the Winton district, Queensland. Alice was known to family and friends as Biddy Balgarnie. Edward was called Cooinda Balgarnie.
  6. CHARLES AUGUSTUS MAYNE MORRIS, b. 8 June 1882, Spring Hill Brisbane; d. 15 December 1959, Charters Towers; m. ELIZABETH FULCHER, 1904, Rockhampton; b. 24 July 1883, Crowthorne Berks, England; d. 22 February 1957, Townsville.