Francis Descendants

The Descendants of Henry Francis and Ruth Grosvenor

First Three Generations in Australia

Generation No. 1

HENRY FRANCIS was born 23 August 1774 at London, and died 4 September 1856 at Sydney. He married RUTH GROSVENOR 2 April 1801 in Church of St. John the Evangelist, Westminster, London, daughter of William Grosvenor and Ann Lowe. She was born 2 July 1778 in Kingswinford, Staffordshire, and died 14 June 1860 in Sydney.

Henry and Ruth Francis and five of their children arrived at Sydney on the 272 ton brig "Agnes" on 12th June 1832. Their eldest daughter, Frances (Fanny), wife of Captain Thomas Kingsford Morris, remained in England. The family resided at George Street for a short time before moving to Cumberland Street, Church Hill, where Henry and Ruth remained for the rest of their lives.

Children of Henry Francis and Ruth Grosvenor are:

  1. Frances Francis, b. 26 February 1802; d. 21 January 1885, England; m. Capt. Thomas Kingsford Morris; b. about 1800; d. 1834, Portsmouth, England.
  2. Elizabeth Francis, b. 21 January 1805, England; d. 1805, England.
  3. Ruth Francis, b. 7 July 1806, London; d. 2 December 1865, Sydney.
  4. Mary Grosvenor Francis, b. 7 November 1808, London; d. 21 April 1889, Peel, N.S.W.
  5. Henrietta Francis, b. 23 April 1810, England; d. 1810, England.
  6. Jemima Francis, b. 23 April 1812, England; d. 1828, England.
  7. Henry Francis, b. 17 November 1813, England; d. 2 January 1886, Sydney.
  8. Grosvenor Francis, b. 2 April 1816, London; d. 27 July 1904, San Francisco, U.S.A.
  9. Charlotte Augusta Ann Francis, b. 27 December 1817, England; d. 20 December 1879, Bathurst N.S.W.
  10. Arthur Francis, b. 7 July 1824, England; d. 1825, England.

Generation No. 2

RUTH FRANCIS was born 7 July 1806 at London and died 2 December 1865 at Sydney. She married GEORGE MORANT SIMPSON, 17 February 1834 in St. Phillips Church, Sydney, son of William Simpson and Anne Butler. He died 10 April 1862 at Balmain, Sydney.

Ruth, the second daughter of Henry and Ruth Francis, was baptized at the Church of St. Mary, Lambeth on 19th March 1809. She accompanied her parents, younger sisters and brothers to Australia on the "Agnes" in 1832, and two years later married George Morant Simpson at St. Phillips Church of England, Sydney.

George Morant Simpson came to Australia in 1827. (Info. from Bunny Powne) In 1835 he was recorded as a timber merchant, in 1838 as a clerk, and in 1847 as an accountant.

The Simpsons resided at Pitt Street, then moved to Balmain, Sydney, where they were frequently visited by their Francis and Suttor relatives. George Simpson was only 55 when he died, in April 1862. Fanny Suttor, who was visiting Sydney at the time, wrote to her mother from Carrie Manning's home, Ere this you will have heard the sad news. I was at Balmain on Friday, Aunt Ruth bears up wonderfully, too well for I think she will feel her loss more afterwards. Poor Minna seems inconsolable, what a comfort it is that she hadn't started for Bathurst. The very day of his death I was going over to Balmain to stay the night.

Children of Ruth Francis and George Simpson

  1. Frances Harriet Simpson, b. 24 November 1834, Sydney; d. 6 May 1866; m. Adolphus Chorley Robert Bowler, 1858, Balmain, N.S.W.; b. 21 July 1834, Bolton, Lancashire, England; d. 25 January 1912, Penshurst, N.S.W. On January 1835, Frances was baptized at St Phillips, Sydney, by Rev William Cowper. Fanny Simpson married Adolphus Chorley Robert Bowler, called Dop, in 1858. They resided at his property, Gumbidgewa, on the Lachlan River. She died at the age of 31, in 1866, leaving three daughters.

    Dop Bowler was the son of Major John Bowler and his wife Frances Mary Jane, nee Raitt. The Bowlers arrived in the colony on the "Norfolk" on 12 February 1837. John Bowler was then a Captain with the 80th Regiment, but was shortly promoted to Major. The Bowler family was connected to the Francis family through marriage with both the Simpson and Suttor families.

  2. William Butler Simpson, b. 12 May 1836, Sydney; d. 2 July 1912, "Foston", Liverpool St. Rose Bay, Sydney; m. Josephine Letitia Hyeronimus, 4 July 1863; d. 20 March 1925, Rose Bay, Sydney. William Butler Simpson was baptized at St Phillips, Sydney, on 25 September 1836 by Rev. William Cowper. Formerly a licensed Surveyor at Wellington in New South Wales, in the 1870's he was appointed C.P.S. and Land Agent at Cowra. His cousin, Henry Hugh Suttor Francis built a home, "The Rocks", at Cowra for him. Subsequently, he held an office in the Customs while under State control.
  3. Ruth Amelia Simpson, b. 2 May 1838, Sydney; d. 27 September 1880, Balmain, Sydney; m. Silas Fowler, 28 January 1864, Sydney; b. about 1836. June 1838, Ruth Amelia Simpson was baptized at St Phillips by Rev. William Cowper. Minna, as she was known, married her sailor sweetheart, Silas Fowler, in 1864. She died at Balmain in 1881. Silas Fowler was a Ship's Officer, serving on the steamers "Madras" & "Bombay"
  4. George Morris Simpson, b. 7 May 1840, Sydney; d. 22 August 1919, Sydney; m. Emily Ellen Vaughn Jenkins, 1875; b. 14 January 1856; d. 15 October 1930, New South Wales. George Morris Simpson was baptized at St Phillips, Sydney, by Rev. William Cowper on 10 July 1840. Resided at "Stonehenge", Glen Innes, New South Wales.
  5. Henry Grosvenor Simpson, b. 20 November 1841, Sydney; d. 9 November 1913; m. Katherine Louisa Lucas Cardew; b. 1854.1st January 18 42 Henry was baptized at St Phillips, Sydney, by Rev William Cowper.
  6. Frederick Godwin Simpson, b. 20 July 1843; d. 16 March 1910, Queensland; m. Marienne Annette Cork, 17 March 1881, Queensland; b. about 1845; d. 5 June 1911, Queensland. On 10 March 1844 Frederic was baptized at St Phillips by Rev. William Cowper.
  7. Charlotte Sarah Simpson, b. 23 November 1845; m. William Wrigley Farrand, 1870; b. about 1844. 4 Jan 1846 Charlotte Sarah was baptized at St Phillips by Rev. William Cowper.
  8. Francis Suttor Simpson, b. 19 December 1847, Sydney; d. 1 November 1851, Balmain, Sydney. January 1848, Francis Suttor Simpson was baptized at St Phillips by Rev. William Cowper.
  9. Charles Kerr Simpson, b. 2 February 1852; d. 12 August 1918; m. Mary Alice Cox; b. abt 1854.

MARY GROSVENOR FRANCIS was born 7 November 1808 in London and died 21 April 1889 at Peel, N.S.W. She married THOMAS CHARLES CADOGAN SUTTOR, 26 September 1835 at Sydney, son of George Suttor and Sarah Dobinson. He was born 13 January 1804 at Balkham Hills N.S.W., and died 28 November 1889 at N.S.W.

Charles and Mary Suttor resided at 'Mount Grosvenor', Peel, N.S.W. The property adjoined 'Brucedale', occupied by William and Charlotte Suttor.

Children of Mary Francis and Thomas Suttor are:

  1. Mary Elizabeth Suttor, b. 6 January 1837; d. 1885; m. Henry Kidder Gillham, 13 May 1863; d. 1914
  2. Thomas Charles Francis Suttor, b. 1839; d. 1916; m. Frances Margaret Elizabeth Manby, 1875.
  3. John George Suttor, b. 1841; d. 1887; m. Celia Ann Allworth, 1873; b. about 1845; d. 1918.
  4. Henry Edward Suttor, b. 1843; d. 7 August 1935; m. Mary Kemmis, 1878.
  5. Frances Sarah Suttor, b. 1845; d. 1936.
  6. Alfred Ernest Suttor, b. 1848; d. 1914.
  7. Alice Augusta Suttor, b. 1851; d. 1927; m. Samuel George Clapham, 1879; b. about. 1850; d 1935.
  8. Adelaide Suttor, b. 1854; d. 1854.

HENRY FRANCIS was born 17 November 1813 in England, and died 2 January 1886 at Sydney. He married MARY ANN GRIFFIN 13 June 1839 in Sydney, daughter of George Griffin and Jane Taylor. She was born 12 August 1822, and died 23 April 1900 at Brisbane.

Henry established a furniture and cabinetmaking business at George Street Sydney. After selling his business, he and Mary Ann and their children Christopher and Jessie sailed for Valparaiso, Chile, on the ship "Alfred", in 1844. Some time later they sailed for England, where Henry became an engineer and inventor in London.

In 1859, Henry and Mary Ann, now with five children, returned to Australia on the "Vimeira", first going to Brisbane, where Mary Ann's mother, widow of Capt. George Griffin, was residing at 'Whiteside', the property her husband and sons had established on the Pine River, north of Brisbane. After a couple of years, the Francis family moved to Sydney, eventually residing in the old home that his parents had occupied at Cumberland Street.

Mary Ann was the daughter of Capt. George Griffin, a sea captain, who retired from the sea and took up a large parcel of land, approximately 27 square miles, on the Pine River, north of Brisbane, which he called 'Whiteside'. The Pine Shire suburbs of Whiteside and Griffin are named in recognition of these early settlers.

Children of Henry Francis and Mary Griffin are:

  1. Christopher Francis, b. 12 December 1840, Sydney; d. 10 November 1915, Brisbane; m. Emilie Jane Everett, 27 December 1870, Church of All Saints, Wickham Terrace, Brisbane; b. 12 September 1850, London; d. 27 June 1937, Brisbane.

    At the time of his birth on 12th December 1840, Christopher's father, Henry Francis, was a Cabinet Maker at King Street, Sydney. Christopher was baptized on 8th April 1841 by Rev. Robert Allwood, St. James Church of England, Sydney.

    After the family's return from England in 1859, Christopher became a reporter for the Moreton Bay Courier. In 1872 he entered the civil service, first appointed as Clerk of the Court at Normanton, Queensland. Shortly he was appointed Police Magistrate, and in this capacity he served at Normanton, Maryborough, Cunnamulla, Townsville and Brisbane.

  2. Jessie Augusta Francis, b. 19 May 1842, Sydney.; d. 14 January 1917, Brisbane; m. Octavius Charles Armstrong, 12 December 1865, St. Pauls, Redfern, Sydney; b. 27 November 1833, Adare, Co. Limerick, Ireland.; d. 17 January 1917, Brisbane. 30 June 1842 Jessie was baptized by Rev. Robert Allwood, St. James Church, Sydney.

    She married Octavius Armstrong in 1865 and went to live at, 'Salisbury Plains', a property north of the new settlement of Bowen, that he had established in partnership with Alfred Wilmington.  Later they moved to 'Cotherstone' on Peak Downs, before Octavius joined the civil service as a Police Magistrate.

  3. Grosvenor Griffin Francis, b. 3 September 1846, Cheyne Row, Chelsea, London; d. 28 November 1925, Bundaberg, Qld.; m. Marian Amy McNamay, 14 August 1884, Bundaberg, Qld.; d. 7 June 1920, Bundaberg, Queensland.

    It is likely that Grosvenor Griffin Francis developed his interest in engineering and inventing from his father, for he certainly followed in his footsteps in this regard. After learning his trade in Sydney, Grosvenor moved to the Burnett River district of Queensland where he was engaged in the design and management of several Sugar Mills, including Invicta, Millaquin and Doolby, and the design and construction of the Distillery at Bundaberg. He designed and held several patents for sugar milling machinery. For a time he was also the Engineer and Surveyor for the Port of Bundaberg

  4. Henrietta Mary Francis, b. 30 October 1848, Chelsea, London; d. 7 December 1848, Lo ndon.
  5. Henry Hugh Suttor Francis, b. 12 November 1852, Chelsea, London; d. 2 July 1937, Cowra N.S.W.; m. Sarah Isabelle Philip, 11 September 1888, Canimbla, via Cowra, N.S.W.; b. 10 January 1858, Raymond Terrace, N. S. W.; d. 28 August 1940, Cowra, N.S.W.

    Henry Hugh Suttor Francis was a Builder, Timber Merchant and Flour Miller at Cowra, New South Wales. He first moved to Cowra in the early 1880's, to build a house for his cousin, W. B. Simpson, who was C.P.S. at Cowra at that time.  The Francis family resided at 'Ingle Brae', Cowra, for many years.

  6. Frances Jane Ruth Francis, b. 21 March 1858, Chelsea, London; d. 25 March 1864, Sydney.
  7. William Morris Francis, b. 31 December 1862, Sydney; d. 4 February 1896, Brisbane.

GROSVENOR FRANCIS was born 2 April 1816 at London, and died 27 July 1904 at San Francisco, U.S.A. He married Elizabeth Harrison MacKean 8 October 1851 at Holy Trinity Church, at the foot of Argyle Cut, Sydney. She was born May 1834, and died 6 August 1917at San Francisco.

Grosvenor & Elizabeth Francis left Sydney with their family about 22 Jan. 1870, via Newcastle 26 January, arriving San Francisco on 4 May 1870.

According to census returns, in 1900 Grosvenor was residing in his own home at 2616 Webster Street, San Francisco, with his wife Elizabeth and their children, Eric, Mary, and Ida, now Mrs. Williams, a widow. Ida's son, Wilmot (or Willmott) Williams, a 23 year old express company clerk, resided there too. Grosvenor (snr) was then working as an insurance clerk.

It seems that at the time of his marriage, Grosvenor stated his age was 27, rather than 35. Elizabeth was then only 17. After his death in 1904, she said he was aged 81, when, in fact, he was 88.

Children of Grosvenor Francis and Elizabeth Mackean are:

  1. Grosvenor Charles Francis, b. 1852, New South Wales; d. 3 December 1919, San Francisco.
  2. Ida Elizabeth Francis, b. October 1856, New South Wales; m. (1) Henry Williams, about 1875; b. about 1826; d. 27 December 1884, Napa Asylum, California.; m. (2) Alfred Benjamin Abrahams, about. 1920; b. 16 September 1861, Australia; d. 30 March 1929, Hotel Mark Hopkins, San Francisco.
  3. Mary Frances Francis, b. January 1863; d. 13 June 1917, Bremerton, Washington, U.S.A.; m. Herbert D. Smith.
  4. Erick Maxwell Francis, b. 8 October 1866, New South Wales; d. 25 April 1940, San Francisco; m. Cathryn W. b. about 1876, California.

    Eric worked for Wells Fargo in San Francisco for a number of years. According to census returns, in 1900 he was residing with his parents at 2616 Webster Street. In 1920 he resided at 222 East Street, San Rafael, Marin County, with his wife Cathryn and two sons, Grosvenor and Fredrick.

  5. Lionel Percy Francis, b. 1868; d. 1903.
  6. George Francis, b. details unknown.

CHARLOTTE AUGUSTA FRANCIS was born 27 December 1817 in England, and died 20 December 1879 at Bathurst N.S.W. She married WILLIAM HENRY SUTTOR, 24 December 1833 in St. Phillips Church Sydney. son of George Suttor and Sarah Dobinson. He was born 12 December 1805 in Balkham Hills N.S.W., and died 20 October 1877 in Bathurst N.S.W.

William and Charlotte Suttor resided at 'Brucedale', Peel, adjoining 'Mount Grosvenor', the property where his brother, Charles, and her sister Mary, resided. William was elected as a Member of the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales and served for many years.

Children of Charlotte Francis and William Suttor are:

  1. William Henry Suttor, b. 4 November 1834; d. 2 October 1905; m. Adelaide Agnes Henrietta Bowler, 1862; b. 1837; d. 23 May 1920.
  2. Edwin John Piper Suttor, b. 1836; d. 1838.
  3. ( Sir)Francis Bathurst Suttor, b. 30 April 1839; d. 4 April 1915; m. Emily Jane Hawkins, 1863; b. 1841; d. 20 October 1911.
  4. Caroline Elizabeth Mary Suttor, b. 11 August 1841; d. 1921; m. John Edge Manning, 1859; b. 1831; d. 1909.
  5. George Roxburgh Suttor, b. 31 July 1843; d. 4 April 1928; m. Eveline Gertrude Dargin, 1870; b. about 1846; d. 1913.
  6. Edward Leichhardt Suttor, b. 17 February 1846; d. 8 July 1850.
  7. Charlotte Augusta Ann Suttor, b. 27 June 1848; d. 1926; m. William Colburn Mayne, 1870; b. 1838; d. 1901.
  8. Herbert Cochrane Suttor, b. 17 October 1850; d. 20 August 1939; m. Emilie Henrietta Suttor, 1875; b. 15 January 1854; d. 5 January 1929.
  9. Sarah Pauline Suttor, b. 13 November 1853; d. 13 May 1934; m. Thomas Henry Furnival Griffin, 1878, Holy Trinity Church, Kelso; b. 8 June 1851; d. 23 December 1937.
  10. Albert Bruce Suttor, b. 19 September 1855; d. 1935; m. (1) Alice Mary McIntosh, 1878; b. about 1856; d. 23 August 1923; m. (2) Mary Elwina A’Beckett, 1927; b. about 1875; d. 7 April 1969.
  11. Walter Sydney Suttor, b. 28 December 1856; d. 21 October 1928; m. Louisa Ellen Munro, 1880; b. 1 June 1862; d. 13 July 1936.
  12. Clara Hay Suttor, b. 1858; d. 1929; m. William Cockburn Sharland, 1879; b. about 1855; d. 1904.
  13. Horace Melbourne Suttor, b. 1861; d. 8 June 1924; m. Amy Knight, 1882; b. about 1862; d.1934
  14. Norman Lachlan Suttor, b. 14 September 1864; d. 8 March 1928; m. Louisa Augusta Catton, 1887; b. 9 September 1867; d. 15 November 1957.