Winton Connections

Our Family Connections with Winton Queensland



Charles Augustus Mayne Morris was appointed Police Magistrate at Winton in June 1898 and served in that position until 1905, when he was posted to Ipswich.. From 1902 his Winton duties were extended to include Hughenden. Prior to his Winton appointment, he had served for periods at Birdsville, Muttaburra, Aramac and Charters Towers. His first appointment, Birdsville, took place in 1887.

C.A.M Morris was born in Bombay Provence, India, the son of William John Morris, an Officer in the British East India Company's Bombay Infantry. He came to Australia about 1870 and married Elizabeth Fullerton, the daughter of the Revd. James Fullerton of Sydney in 1872. Elizabeth was born at Sydney in 1849 and died of Typhoid at Winton in 1905. She is buried at the Winton Cemetery, where her memorial can be seen a short distance to the left of the main entrance.

Charles and Elizabeth Morris had five children, Ethel Georgina 1874, Ida Mary 1876, James Fullerton 1877, Alice Muriel 1879 and Charles Augustus Mayne. (Charlie) Morris in 1882.

Ethel married Frederick Daniel Behan McCullagh at Townsville in 1904. The eldest of their three children, Morris Behan McCullagh was born at Winton in 1905. 

Ida married her cousin, Lionel Tireman Morris at Sydney in 1899. Their daughter, Edith Tireman Morris was born at Winton in 1901. Ida and Lionel moved to Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. Their descendants still reside in Canada. 

James Morris married Theresa Tait. They had one son, Charles Fullerton Morris. 

Alice, called Biddy, married Robert Edward Balgarnie, called Cooinda Balgarnie, of Cooinda Station, Winton. They were married in 1906 and had three children, Elizabeth (Betty), Robert and Wilfred. 

Charles Augustus Mayne (Charlie) Morris married Elizabeth (Bess) Fulcher, the daughter of Winton Schoolmaster, James Thomas Fulcher, at Rockhampton in 1904. They had two children, Maida Fulcher Morris and Dilys Mary Morris.


JAMES THOMAS FULCHER (1854 - 1939 ) 

James Thomas Fulcher was the Headmaster of the Winton State School from 1902 to 1905, and Hughenden in 1915 to 1917. He was born at Bishops Castle, Shropshire, and taught in England before immigrating to Australia in 1888. 

James Fulcher and his wife Margaret and their two daughters Edith Mary (Molly) aged 9, and Elizabeth (Bess) aged 5, arrived at Townsville on Christmas Day, 1888, to take up his appointed as Headmaster of the Townsville North State School at German Gardens. The Fulcher's third child, George Eric, (Eric) was born at Townsville in 1890. 

After Townsville, the Fulchers transferred to Yengarie, near Maryborough before moving to Winton in 1902..

Molly Fulcher moved to Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada and married Trevor Baines. They had one daughter, Janet Margaret Hester Baines, born in 1911. 

Bess Fulcher married Charlie Morris, son of Police Magistrate C.A.M. Morris, at Rockhampton in 1904. They moved to Canada too, but returned to Australia after a few years. 

George Eric Fulcher married Charlotte Jane Johnson at Maryborough in 1915. Eric was killed in action at Poperinge, Belgium in 1917.



Edward (Ted) Garrard was the son of a Surveyor, Hatsell Mellersh Garrard and his wife, Sophia, nee Preston, who resided at Geelong, Victoria. He was born at Geelong, 8 June 1858, and was educated at Geelong Grammar School. 

He left there in 1873, at the age of fifteen, and went to Burrawang Station on the Lachlan River, Forbes, New South Wales, where he was employed for about twelve years. In about 1884 or 85, he left Burrawang and moved north to Queensland.

Eleven years later he must have been working in the Winton district, as Edward Arnold Preston Garrard and Mary Ann Harrigan were married at Winton on 22 May 1896. As an Anglican Church was yet to be built in Winton, they were married at the residence of George Webber, Mary Ann was an immigrant from Ireland. She came from Doon, County Limerick, where her father, Thomas Harrigan, was a farmer. Mary came out to Australia on the "Jelunga" in 1891, at the age of twenty-two.  Edward (Ted) and Mary had two children. A son, also named Edward Arnold Preston, was born at Winton on 5 October 1896, and a daughter, Josephine, was born at Kynuna on 3 June 1900. Edward Garrard assumed the name George Collins, so Mary Ann and the children also became known as Collins. The reason for this is not known, but Mary said he changed his name after they were married. The marriage was not a happy one. Ted left Mary for a time, when Josie was a baby, making his way to Western Australia, where he linked up with explorer and prospector, Frank Hann, exploring the desert country north of Kalgoorlie. Mary must have been left to her own devices for months. 

Mary's desperate circumstances led authorities to take her daughter from her, so five year old Josie was sent to the Orphanage at Townsville. The following year, 1906, Mary tried to get her daughter back. She had obtained employment at "Katandra" station in the Samford district, working as cook and general servant for Mr and Mrs Rayment, who agreed to let her bring her daughter to the station. Her request for the release of the child was refused as her husband would not agree to the release. 

Ted eventually returned to Kynuna and obtained work on Quambetook Station. When he refused to let Mary come and live on Quambetook, she decided to leave him. Without money or a job, it would have been impossible for Mary to support herself and the children. Realising her plight, Kynuna publican and businessman, Michael Fahey, who had no family of his own, offered to look after young Eddie and pay for his education at St Josephs College at Nudgee, Brisbane. This was about 1903, when Eddie was about six, and little Josie three. Mary took Josie to Cloncurry, where she was still known as Mary Collins.  

Mary Ann Garrard (Collins) died at Cloncurry on 30 December 1907, at the age of 38. While still a student at Nudgee, Eddie caught a chill during a cadet camp, which turned into pneumonia, and he died on the 10 September 1909. Eddie was buried at Nudgee Cemetery. Michael Fahey, who had persuaded Mary to let him take care of young Eddy when she left Kynuna, and who had sent him to Nudgee, was said to have been heartbroken at the loss of his young charge. Michael Fahey died in 1925 at the age of 84. He is buried at Nudgee Cemetery, Brisbane with Eddie Collins (Garrard). Josie Garrard was eventually released from the orphanage into the care of Townsville Solicitor, Guy Ryan and his wife. She married Townsville Jeweller and Watchmaker George Aslett in 1925. Ted Garrard was overseer on Quambetook Station until 1925. He died at Melbourne in 1938.

The connection of our families with Winton reached a culmination in 1960, with the Charters Towers marriage of Dilys Jane Francis and Geoffery Garrard Aslett. Jane is the daughter of Charters Towers Solicitor, Jack Francis and Dilys Mary Morris, and granddaughter of Charles Augustus Mayne Morris (jnr.) and Elizabeth (Bess) Fulcher. Geoffrey is the grandson of Edward Arnold Preston Garrard and Mary Ann Harrigan.


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