Books of Family Interest

 "Henry Francis - Gentleman of Cumberland Street" - an e-book by Geoff Aslett. 2013

Henry Francis - Gentleman of Cumberland Street is for all those interested in the lives people led in mid-19th century New South Wales.  The social activities they enjoyed, as well as the triumphs and disappointments of their daily lives.

The book draws on family diaries and letters to give an insight into the lives of Henry and Ruth Francis and their family, who arrived at Sydney as free settlers in 1832.

It is of particular interest to the descendants of Henry and Ruth, including members of the Francis, Simpson, Suttor, Bowler, Edols, Griffin, Everett, Armstrong, Bryant, Hart, Curry, Powell, Nairne and other associated families.
First published in 2000, Henry Francis, Gentleman of Cumberland Street is now released as an ebook in response to the requests for copies since the first release sold out.

Your copy of Henry Francis, Gentleman of Cumberland Street, is available now for $19.95 and will be downloaded to your computer when you click the 'Add to Cart'  button and follow the instructions.

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When you purchase a copy of Henry Francis, Gentleman of Cumberland Street you will also be entitled to a FREE copy of its Companion - print this out and use it as a guide to all the Francis descendants mentioned in the book.

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 "The Asletts of Benhall and Arcadia"  by Geoff Aslett. 2002

A brief history of the descendants of Thomas and Emma Sophia Aslett from about 1880 to 1980.  Includes a large number of photographs, mostly taken around Benhall, Suffolk, and Townsville, Queensland, as well as family letters covering people, places and events over half a century, leading up to the 1970's. 


"HATSELL"  by Geoff Aslett.  1999.

A history of an Australian branch of the Garrard family.

"HATSELL" is the story of Hatsell Garrard, who immigrated from Suffolk to Port Phillip in 1841, and his sons Hatsell Mellersh and Arnold Finchett Garrard, who followed soon after.  It is a true story of a colonial family's struggle to survive in the early days of Victoria. 

Your copy of HATSELL, an Australian Garrard Family History, is available now as an ebook for $12.95 and will be downloaded to your computer when you click the appropriate button below and follow the instructions.

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"200 YEARS 1800 - 2000"  by Geoff Aslett.  2000

A booklet commemorating the bicentenary of the Suttor family in Australia.  The descendants of George and Sarah Maria Suttor who arrived at Port Jackson early in November 1800 with the remnants of a consignment of plants sent out to the colony by Sir Joseph Banks.


"HENRY FRANCIS - Gentleman of Cumberland Street" by Geoff Aslett.  2001

The story of Henry and Ruth Francis who immigrated to New South Wales with their three daughters and two sons in 1832.  A fascinating account of life in the 19th and early 20th centuries, told through the letters and diaries of family members.  Includes sketches of families associated by marriage - Grosvenor, Suttor, Simpson, Bowler, Griffin, Everett, Armstrong, Curry, Powell & Nairne.

This printed version of 'Henry Francis' is no longer available but is available as an e-book - see above.


"DEAR WILLIAM - The Suttors of Brucedale"  by Judith and Horace Norton.  1994.

An important study of the life and times of William Henry Suttor and his wife, Charlotte Augusta Ann (nee Francis) and the pioneering Suttor family of New South Wales, including the Francis, Simpson, Bowler and associated families.


"THE BOWLER FAMILY 1239 - 1987"  by A.J.Hawksford.  1987.

The Bowler family of Australia, revealing its descent from the Jolliffe, Riatt, Underwood and Cutler families and it's Australian connection to the Suttor, Francis, Simpson, Farrand, Langtree, Edols and Kirkpatrick families.


"BEYOND THE SEAS"  by Valerie O. Bourke Rees.  1996

A story of Thomas Saunders c. 1765 - 1846 and Mary Boucher c. 1764 - 1852.

Thomas and Mary were convicts.  He arrived on the Third Fleet transport, "Matilda", in August 1791.  His wife to be, Mary Boucher arrived in the Colony of New South Wales on the convict transport, "Indispensible" in April 1796.

Val Rees has faithfully traced the known lives of these early arrivals, with particular emphasis on the properties they owned.


"THE JENKINS ROAD"  by D.K.Muir.  1994.

Published by the Manly, Warringah and Pittwater Historical Society, The Jenkins Road tells the story of convict James Jenkins c. 1776 - 1835, and his Australian born wife, Elizabeth Saunders, 1797 - 1874, daughter of convicts Thomas and Mary Saunders.  It tells of their family's life in early Sydney, and the incredible legacy to the Salvation Army.


"MERCHANTS of MIXED FORTUNE - a history of the Powell and Beauchamp families"  by Alan & Margaret Nichol.  2006.

From London to Longford, Tasmania, Melbourne to Maryborough, Queensland, Alan and Margaret's extensive research uncovers the fascinating history of the Powell, Beauchamp, Nairne, Thorburn, Bell, Lasseter and other related families.



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